Artificial Poppy Gardens in the Australian War Memorial

Ever since the First World War, Flanders poppies have always been associated with respecting and remembering the fallen soldiers of battle, around the world. The lore suggests that when soldiers died at war, the red poppies grew from their blood, giving them their blood red color. The famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, is based on the Flanders poppies that grew on the battle-ruined fields. Flanders poppies in Australia are worn on days that are dedicated to remembering the soldiers at war like ANZAC day.

A Garden That Brings Yesterday and Today, Together

Erected in honor of Australian soldiers and troops who gave their lives in the war, an artificial Poppy garden was built in the Australian War Memorial. There is a total of 62,000 Poppies that are located in the garden, each for a fallen soldier during the First World War. The organization that is responsible for this fantastic creation is known as ‘Project 5000’. Project 5000 is famous for creating poppies for events like Remembrance Day and ANZAC day. The unique feature about the Poppies that are erected at the war memorial is that they are hand-crafted. Unlike a bulk of crafted Poppies coming out from a machine, hundreds of local knitters felters and crochets came forward to make the Poppies to make them look realistic. The garden was completed with the work and effort of the same Australian hands that enjoy the freedom that the heroes fought for.

The idea and architecture of the garden are the brainchildren of a landscape architect, Philip Johnson. The War Memorial was opened to the public in October of 2018, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The unveiling of the garden was done by the Australian War Memorial Director, Brendan Nelson. The first world war was a war that changed Australia in both the emotional and economic sense. Therefore, the memorial is said to be a small tribute to the soldiers who fought bravely for the freedom the country enjoys today.

The most significant actions done in Australia are done out of love for family and country. Starting from the troopers to the people who remember them today; everyone dedicates their lives to respecting others. When the project was announced, people around all around Australia and the world, came forward with their hand knitted Poppies, playing an essential role in their contribution to the country. The tribute of building the poppy field is personal to every person who helped create this vision. Not only does it honor the lives lost, but the praise is a beacon to the families and the entire nation. Several people take for granted the lives that have been lost in war, just because they were not directly affected by it. A memorial as such built with dedication and showcasing messages of the lives lost and the ones won is a reminder to the entire nation. A reminder to be a part of something legendary that the future residents of our world will appreciate.