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Australia’s Best Sniper Takes on Abdul the Terrible

  • Snipers are one of the most skilled members of any army. Movies made on the fabulous patience and skill of snipers don’t give enough credit for what really goes down in reality. Hailing from Australia, Billy Sing was one of the best snipers who was born in 1886 and hails from an English and Chinese bloodline. Billy was brought up in Clermont, Queensland, before he enlisted in the army to serve the country at Gallipoli. Little did anyone know that the boy from the rural parts of Australia would become a much celebrated war hero.

    Australia’s Best Sniper Takes on Abdul the Terrible

    The Australian army was taking down the Turks at Gallipoli and Billy was their celebrated sniper. While the army struggled on the field, the snipers were busy looking for each other to take down the strongest contact on the opposite side. The Turks had their pride and celebrated hero, Abdul the Terrible. His rifle was even called ‘The Mother of Death,’ for the innumerable casualties he added to his wins. Abdul was cruel and a very skilled sniper who was indestructible. Everyone was terrified of being a victim of Abdul’s rifle and wanted a savior to take out the strongest point of the Turk Army. Even the Army general who was in charge of setting up the Australian Army to fight the Turks was worried about the victims that lay prey to Abdul’s rifle. It did not matter if you were a private or even a general if Abdul had a glimpse of you, you were finished. His finger on the rifle was gentle, and his precision was impeccable. There was no way to escape the brutal death that came with Abdul the Terrible. On fateful days, on Dead Man’s Ridge, Abdul laid with his rifle and aimed the passing Australian Cadets. He took down so many, and this was yet another day of victory for the sniper.

    Billy Sing

    The Army General William Bridges couldn’t make it to safety either. He was taken down before he could find shelter from Abdul’s bullets. Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick aka ‘the man with the donkey’ was another acclaimed war veteran who died at the skill of Abdul. Enough was enough; the Australians had to come up with their version of the best sniper they could find in all the country. Lieutenant Thomas Grace put together a team of snipers with some of the best rifles to do their best. As time went by, most of the snipers from the Australian battalion, lay victim. However, one survived. Billy Sing was the Australian Version of Abdul and had much skill and precision as his counterpart. Abdul had a cunning way of working his targets. He would sneak into a hole that the would dig up and watch even go as far as examining the victims of other snipers to understand where the bullets came from. When he realized that he had found the position that Billy was at, Abdul was excited and lay waiting for him the next day. Billy, on the other hand, had the instinct of a highly trained sniper realized he was not looking at his target and instead an imposter. When he turned his gaze slightly, he realized he found where Abdul was hiding, took aim and with inches took down Abdul. The Turkish army was furious and rained down bullets at the hiding place where Billy lay. However, Billy had evacuated. Later, he was given several medals for his achievements at war and died of old age in 1943 in Brisbane.