From Sniper to General – The Stan Savige Biography

Sniper Stan Savige wasn’t always a hero. The sniper had a very humble beginning in Morwell, Victoria. As a boy, he did not have the luxury of being schooled and was forced to quit by the time he was 12. His family had needed money to support their existence, and Stan was the one for the job. He was recruited as the assistant to a blacksmith and was paid less than minimum wage for his work. What Stan lacked in career choices, he had in ambition. Even as a young lad he knew that he would have to save and put money away for himself if he was to make things better for himself. As a result, he left some money for his education and turned in the rest to his family. He became a scoutmaster and a Sunday school teacher to help him learn other skills that a school education would have provided him.

From Sniper to General – The Stan Savige Biography

Stan Savige Enters The War Front

Stan Savige

When World War One broke out, Stan was led by a biblical verse to enlist and serve for his country. His family was not very thrilled at the idea and forbade him from joining. However, the verse he received from the bible was clear as day, and Stan knew that it was his calling to serve in the army. The verse was a promise that he will always survive even if others around him didn’t. Strangely, the verse came to pass on several occasions, and Stan was found close to death or wounded by never destroyed. In the year 1915, he started his mission at Gallipoli as a very young and innocent boy, who was not fit to be a Private leave alone an officer. The ambitious nature of Stan led him to look for opportunities to climb his career ladder in the army, and he often sought a promotion. In the end, he was promised a promotion, if he became a skilled sniper. Stan took up the challenge and is to date known as one of the deadliest snipers in Australian history who managed to make 90 kills in just 30 days. And yes, the promotion to the second Lieutenant was given to him on a platter.

The Achievements of Stan Savige

While the promotion to the top was by far his most significant achievement, Stan was also hand-picked to stand at the front of the line of crucial stages of the battle. Here are some of the notable areas where Stan Savige was recognized.Stan was one of the only three men who was asked to work in regarding the battalion during the evacuation.

– He was chosen to serve at some of the worst battles on the Western Front as an intelligence officer.

-His effect of holding a strong frontline at Bullecourt was mentioned during the dispatches.

-He was promoted to Major Brigade within a few years of enlisting.

-He was mentioned in dispatches after he has discovered thousands of Assyrian refugees He had supported the refugees by sending men from his force to help them gain safe passage.

-His most successful win was the battle of Damour in Syria.