Hundreds of War Memorials to Honour Heroes – Australian War Memorials

ANZAC day is a revered for its significance to war heroes throughout Australia. On the day, every war memorial around the country celebrate the lives lost at war by the brave Australian soldiers who fought for Queen and country. The heroes of war who are praised are not just from the historical times, but also the more recent wards where Australian soldiers have fought. The beauty of ANZAC day and the celebration of heroic lives is incredibly unique to the country. Australia is by far one of the only countries that have war memorials in every small town and city. It is dubbed to be a country that has memorials in the small cities and is recognized for it. Each of these memorials is adorned with wreaths, and every soldier is remembered. When soldiers go missing or if their records are not available to the family, the country goes as far as tracking them down to give them their much-deserved place in history. After all, a nation that has over 1500 memorials to celebrate the war heroes of the First World War alone is to be honored.

The Significance of War Memorials

When a war memorial is constructed today, the current generation merely believes that it is a way of honoring the people who played a part in every war. The truth behind the war memorials in Australia, however, carries a different vision. When the Great War took place, there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty amongst the people. They were not sure if they should erect a monument as a memory to the person like a statue or a plaque or make it a hall that everyone can use. Two sects of people fought for the right course of action. One felt that it would be selfish to create a building or hall and dishonor the dead; while the other sect felt differently.

Australian War Memorials are constructed to honor the contribution and heroic efforts of individuals by name who have served their purpose for the country. Every single soldier is accounted for and remembered for their efforts. This is the reason, many of the war memorials highlight the hero in action or as a simple column.

Why Erect Hundreds of War Memorials?

Nations can be selfish and forget about the efforts of the war heroes and the people who fight for the country. Lives can be taken for granted and their efforts ignored. However, being able to honor the dead and the efforts of all involved proves that the nation not just values the lives of war heroes but the freedom the rest of the country enjoys today. After the first War Memorial was erected, it started a flame, and soon every town was constructing a memorial. For every forty men who died in the war, a monument was erected. Building these monuments was not a task that came at a small price. However, the nation is known for the binding of communities and came together and pooled their money to help the grieving families.