John Monash – Top Australian War Hero From World War II

Bravery and leadership are right qualities of a hero. When everyday Australians show leadership skills and brave actions in times of crisis, they pass the torch to the thousands of civilians who enjoy their freedom. As a part of the British army, the Australians were the first to raise war against the Nazi in Germany and played a significant role in overturning the Nazi government. Between the years 1865 to 1945, over a million Australian soldiers served in the World War II. After World War II, John Monash was one amongst the five incredibly brave leaders who are considered heroes are originating from Australia.

The Difference Was in His Leadership – John Monash

Major General John Monash was born on the 27th day of June in the year 1865. He hails from a family of Prussian Jews. He was educated in the Scotch College and studied at the University of Melbourne. He majored in law, engineering, and Arts. After his studies, his inquisitiveness led him down the military route, and he began serving in the year 1887. The Melbourne University Metropolitan Brigade had gained a soldier, who least did they know would become a celebrated hero in the future. As a soldier, he mastered several skills and learned how to handle artillery and engineering. As a passion, the soldier learned about teaching and designing.

The poor command decisions that he encountered by the Australian troops urged him to do something about it. His chance to make a difference came to France in the year 1918. In the year 1916, John moved to the Western Front and was promoted to become a Major General. His command was with the 3rd division. His division was involved in several battles and won most of them. In the year 1918, Monash was made the corps commander and led noteworthy attacks for the Australian army during the last stages of the war.

His background in teaching and the ability to relay information that would be retained with students helped him. Along with his teaching skills, his understanding of technicalities was a bonus. His ability to reason with situations and come up with strategies that work, made him gain a fair reputation at the battle at Hamel. After his win at Hamel, Monash found that the norm for the strategy and planning that was outlined by the British army was ineffective and that infantry should not use physical effort. However, his tactic was to hide behind the best machinery and use reason and logic in their attacks.

His tactics were brilliant, and he was a meticulous planner. He gained the title of being ‘The Soldier’s Soldier.’ His strategy of bombing the German base with plain gas and smoke for a few days before actually attacking. Therefore, on the day of the attack, the Germans confused smoke with gas and put on their masks which allowed the Australian troops to fight them when their vision was masked. His efforts and ideas were brilliant, and his service to Queen and country was outstanding. Monash was knighted in the year 1918 for his commitment.