Three War Heroes That Will Be Remembered

Hollywood likes to glorify the heroes of wars and create stories about some real men who can do just everything like heroes. The following men fought in the war and risked their lives for their countries. People still admire the fearless attitudes and high hopes of them. Nobody will ever forget their courage and drive as they are role models in a time when nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves. Today we look back in history and give some respect to the life stories of these men.

Three War Heroes
Three War Heroes

Small but Brave

The mates of the forces laughed at Audie L. Murphy at the beginning of his career. Neither the US Marines nor the Air Force wanted to accept the soldier into their ranks. However, after several rejections, he finally got through to the US Army and went into World War II as a soldier. That was amazing because Murphy was only 1.65 meters tall and weighed only 50 kilograms. But even with the necessary training, he almost ended up in the field kitchen. Murphy didn’t give up, he wanted to fight. He turned out to be a good shooter. In southern France, the war hero saved his comrades from numerous ambushes. Less later, he almost single-handedly stopped a superior force. He hijacked a burning tank and held off the enemy until he ran out of ammunition. The tank exploded, but Murphy escaped in time. In this way, the outsider also rose to become a hero with his comrades.

Highly Decorated

Alvin Cullum York came to Europe at the beginning of the last century. There he became involved in the bitter trench warfare. With only 16 colleagues, he was supposed to take up a machine gun position for the enemy. But the troops were discovered and shot at by an overpowering enemy with 30 men. But York held out and eliminated 25 enemies. He and his comrades captured the rest of them and handed them over to his superiors. That made York one of the most highly decorated war heroes of the World War I.

Unstoppable Against the Overwhelming Power

The British commander Jack Churchill was also called Mad Jack by his colleagues. He fought behind the German lines on a secret mission in World War II. The paratrooper’s favorite weapon was a sword with an extensive blade. He used it for hunting down Nazis and kidnapped almost 50 of them. In a battle with the enemy, they wiped out his unit completely, only Churchill survived. When the Germans finally found him, he calmly played his bagpipes. They locked him in a camp, but Mad Jack managed to escape. The Germans captured him again and took Churchill to another camp, but from there he also managed to escape. He marched no less than 150 miles on foot before finally running into the arms of the US Army. That picked him up and sent him back home to Great Britain. He disagreed with his return and wanted to go back to the war. But by then, the World War II was over.